Saturday, March 3, 2007

Chapter 1

I started of as a kid.
I first heard of the magical 3 letter word when I was 10. I-I-M. The 3-letter word that dominated me for the next 12 years. People around me were still dreaming of becoming doctors, engineers, scientists, cricketers and actors. But I made up my mind. I will become an MBA from IIM and become a manager. If somebody asked me then, I wouldn’t have been able to say what a manager was or what he did. But I knew the exact location of IIM-Joka (Calcutta). How to reach IIM-C, what bus goes there, the tram route, I knew it all. I also knew, someday I would go to Joka with my luggage and step into Ramanujam hostel to stay there for two years. I was one of the youngest MBA aspirant in my school.
As a 10-year old kid, I came across an ad posted by a reputed MBA entrance coaching centre. I was quite impressed by the ad. I went through that ad and pondered over it for a long time. Finally I made up my mind. That was the place I’ll be going to prepare for all the exams. So the b-school was decided, the CAT coaching centre was decided and my aim was set. Now came the tough part. All I had to do was grow up!
Since then it was set. Everyday, I used to go through all the ads posted by CAT coaching centers. Every November, I used to go through the newspapers reading how the CAT was. I used to hear students comment and used to read success stories of IIM students. I also came across lots of questions that appeared in CAT. I was never short of news of MBA entrance exam stories. Year by year, I was only determined to take CAT and fulfill my dreams.
There was only one problem.
I was not good in studies.
In fact, I was pathetic in it!

My teacher’s used to frequently complain that I never used to pay attention to studies. ‘He has that capability, but he doesn’t work hard’, was the common line among all my teachers. Well, the true reason was that I never used to find the subjects that were taught interesting. So red-marks in my report card were a frequent occurrence. It was only in my senior classes that I improved in my studies. The reason, I need to do well as this would help me in future in getting an admission to my dream institute.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

A start...

Well, you can call it the first of it's kind. It's kind of a book whose parts will be posted whenever possible. I'll be writing all my experiences I had while preparing for my MBA entrance exams.
If you are looking for tips on how to crack the CAT, better go someplace else. This is not the place!!! Till then, wait for the first part. Enjoy!!!

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